What is Jcats?

Japanese Car Audio Translation Service (JCATS) is a service to help English speakers with their Japanese car audio or navigation systems.

We can help you:

  • Change the menu from Japanese to English
  • Connect Bluetooth
  • Turn off Japanese warnings
  • Turn off the screen
  • Enable the steering controls
  • Program the driver memory seats
  • Set up radio station presets
  • Learn how to use auto cruise control
  • Import and organize music on your HDD

How the session works

First, complete the form below to set up a time to talk to us on video chat. You will point your camera at the screen in your car, and we’ll talk you through how to use your system. All of our translators are native Japanese speakers and will speak to you in English.

JCATS YouTube Channel


To book a face to face session, fill in the form below.


Video chat session
$55 NZ Dollars for 30 minutes. (30 mins minimum)

Face to face session
$55 NZ Dollars for one unit.

* We only do face to face sessions at the moment.



Pay via PayPal or Bitcoin before your session.

Contact Form

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